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adventure on the high teas!

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fantastic news, whimsical creatures!  my special edition Adventure on the High Teas teabag ships made an appearance in this month’s Elle Decor wishlist!

{Elle Decor SA, No. 72, p.23}

flower fox

to whimsical creatures everywhere: have a wonderful weekend!

(image taken from pinterest)

a a milne (star wars edition)

i am completely tickled by this star wars adaptation of winnie the pooh by James Hance : wookie the chew

presenting mr gorey…

this creature is from one of my all-time favourite books: The Doubtful Guest

the gashlycrumb tinies

edward gorey was a master of morbidity and grisly humour.  his characters from the ill-fated Gashlycrumb Tinies have become iconic of his work.  as well as his own impressive bibliography of children’s books and (slightly more adult) illustrated tales, gorey is also the pen behind the well-known illustrations for T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.

return of the woebots I

this was a series of illustrations and poems i started last year and never completed, so i thought i would ressurect the woebots and complete their melancholy tales…

adventure time…

there are exciting whisperings from the whimsy factory…keep an ear to the ground!

my happy place

if only….

{image from here}

coraline cookies!

every once in a while i am swept away with the undeniable desire to bake heaps of biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, cakes & scones.  so when i am next beseiged by the urge to bake up a storm, these whimsical (and a little creepy if you’ve seen coraline) button cookies will definitely be making their debut.

get the recipe here…

judging by its cover

these amazing painted books are the work of mike stilkey, an american artist who paints onto the covers of books, vintage papers and record covers.  his work has been compared to that of weimar-era german expressionism and his melancholic characters and style have been described by some as capturing features of artists ranging from edward gorey to egon schiele.

iron giant

this movie first triggered my immense soft spot for robots…

knit one, purl one

love these crocheted jellyfish!

darwin in residence

as i have said before:  i love museums!

i spent hours trawling through these awe-inspiring photographs of London’s Natural History Museum

monster loves robot

my first attempts using colour with my illustrations.  monster loves robot is a children’s book i am currently working on although i am not sure it will be the first one i publish.  we will just have to see…

life, the universe & everything…

i’m feeling very ‘douglas adams’ today…so here’s one for the inter-galactic hitchhiker in all of us.

{image via kitsune noir}

yeti is lonely

a small sketch i did today, just because i felt like drawing a yeti

2nd yeti scribble…

ode to an unusual colour (part IV)

little-owl brown

ode to an unusual colour (part III)

bicycle-wheel black

my type of fruit

i love the graphic aesthetic the handpainted typography imposes on the fruits.  i wonder how it will all look in a few days when they start to over-ripen and decompose – might look even more interesting! (by the talented sarah king)