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Some pigeons are more equal than others

german artist julius von bismark teamed up with swiss photographer julian charrière in this controversial live art installation: a “pigeon-apparatus” was created for the Venice Architecture Biennial on a city rooftop. When the birds flew into it, they were trapped and airbrushed various colors in non-toxic paint before being released back over the city.”

musical chairs…no…musical swings!

this is the reason we need more public installations that celebrate “play” in our lives.  well done to daily tous le jours for creating this amazing musical swing installation in montreal…watch the video at the bottom!

leaves, glow sticks, post-its & cheese puffs

have a look at these amazing constructed-in-situ photographs of american photographer thomas jackson.  he constructs all his images as installations and uses as little photoshop as possible as a matter of principle in his work.


glow sticks

post-it notes


monster industry

mat cloud’s awesome monster industry!

change yer fate

i went to see the new disney-pixar film, brave, this week…twice!  it was brilliant – no – better than brilliant.  i am currently working on some comissioned drawings about a bear and a girl, so it was the perfect inspiration!  go and see it, it is just lovely…

{all concept art found via google}

a walk in the trees

how incredibly beautiful is this: a path in the forest by architect tetsuo kondo was a temporary installation in the kadriorg park near tallinn, estonia.

{via the cool hunter}

sculptural paintings

japanese artist, shintaro ohata, combines two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements in his works by depicting everyday scenery in his paintings together with beautifully intergrated character sculptures…

tree portraits

i am very taken with this collection of tree photographs by south korean photographer myoung ho lee.  the series is a collection of various solitary trees shot against a white backdrop standing out in nature.


may i present the mind-blowing entymological photography of igor siwanowicz… say no more!

love-hate relationships

versus/hearts, a graphic project by dan matutina, is about rivals.
“rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn’t exist without the other.”

meet some old school, and some more modern, pairs of rivals…

not all who wander are lost…

the folks at wander asked some of their favorite illustrators to imagine a postcard from everywhere and nowhere at once. there are some quite evocative designs that instantly get your wanderlust fired up …and they are available to download as high-res ipad or iphone wallpaper…for those dreary house/office-bound days.

spaces between the notes

this print campaign for the berlin philharmonic orchestra uses macro photographs taken inside the cramped spaces of instruments making the inner workings of a violin, cello, flute, and pipe organ appear vast and spacious, almost as if you could walk around inside them.

{via colossal}

a hibernation of bears…

here are some “works in progress” i am busy scribbling for a group exhibition happening in johannesburg (10-29 February).  the art of happiness : 13 taking place at the bamboo centre in melville, will feature 13 illustrators from various parts of the country…

sleeping on the job…

i am slowly getting myself clued-up on ‘digital’ illustration and painting.  it is proving to be not only a challenging medium but extremely interesting to work with.  these amusing illustrations of superheroes by max kostenko, show the development of digtal painting… (follow the link to see each image’s progression)

admitted fan-girl

i have become such a “fan-girl” when it comes to george r r martin’s song of ice and fire series.  i, like most, was introduced to the books through the launch of the hbo tv series.  well, i can tell you, it is one of the most epic fantasy sagas i have ever read!  so i simply had to post some fan art i came across…

{all above images from fuckyeahgameofthronesart}

{last image: click on it for source}

tree sketches

i love the idea and execution behind these tree drawings by british artist tim knowles. the perfect expression of nature art.

paper fox project

anyone who checks in regularly with the sometimes zoo will know how much i adore foxes!  so imagine how enchanted i was when i came across the storybook project of sydney-based artist, jeremy kool.  i have got to get my hands on one of his prints!

52 rayguns

i am tickled by this series of 52 rayguns created over a 52 week period by 52 different designers and illustrators…

non-stationary stationery

wonderful stop-frame animation, using stationery!  a good song too…against the grain by hudson, an emerging indie-artist from melbourne

kind of awesome…


{link to artist}

my mini treehouse

this is my new “artist crush”, australian illustrator charles santoso.  his harry potter interpretation and “monster noms” are just brilliant…


started as a way to use all the scraps of torn down sheets of project paper and morphed into something else; something grand.  each piece is between .5″ and 2″ wide and up to 5″ tall.  mostly on Rives BFK heavy stock cream paper.” this is the description of smarts a series of work by artist, eric hancock

flower bomb

arresting photographs of deconstructed flowers by qi wei.

{via nicework}

happy mondays & knuckling down

happy monday, folks!  i am taking a little (working) holiday for two weeks and getting out of town.  all in the name of finally knuckling down to produce my first book.  but i will keep the odd post rolling in…and perhaps even some working sketches!

{click image to enlarge via atomhawk design}

poster love

sharing a little retro-style poster appreciation…

{apologies for the lack of links/sources}