Monthly Archives: February 2011

coveting critters

i found these creatures across at the wonderful blog, wolfeyebrows, and had to share them!  julian callos is a los angeles-based illustrator & artist. he created these fantastic ceramic animals as christmas gifts for his friends.  each one is a representation of that person’s spirit animal.  i love his sense of proportion and posture – i would love one…perhaps the black bear.

the unnaturalist society

if there is one thing i love more than museums, it is the combination of museums, magic & curiosities!  and this store has combined all the aforementioned ingredients with an awesome sense of fun, creating these quirky trinkets! i especially loved “unicorn tears : putting the sparkle in suffering” and “megasand : when ordinary sand just isn’t enough”

{poster by oliver munday}

word of the week

hearting the market once again!

just to let you all know that the i heart market is happening this saturday, 5 march & whimsy will be there so pop down for a visit!


i was really impressed by the invention and application of objects’ shapes in this advertising campign by califorinia-based company, RLR Advertising, for the los angeles zoo.

word houses

i am a horder of notebooks.  i currently have about 7 semi-started, paper vessels awaiting words, thoughts, scribbles and stolen quotes.  i think some of these will be among my next purchases…

{click on images for sources}

coffee-concealed creatures

what fun!  japanese designer ange-line tetrault‘s hidden animal cups are a certain way to make you smile over your 1dt cup of tea in the morning, a little bear or owl or fox peeps up at you as you drink!