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coveting critters

i found these creatures across at the wonderful blog, wolfeyebrows, and had to share them!  julian callos is a los angeles-based illustrator & artist. he created these fantastic ceramic animals as christmas gifts for his friends.  each one is a representation of that person’s spirit animal.  i love his sense of proportion and posture – i would love one…perhaps the black bear.

the unnaturalist society

if there is one thing i love more than museums, it is the combination of museums, magic & curiosities!  and this store has combined all the aforementioned ingredients with an awesome sense of fun, creating these quirky trinkets! i especially loved “unicorn tears : putting the sparkle in suffering” and “megasand : when ordinary sand just isn’t enough”

{poster by oliver munday}

word of the week

hearting the market once again!

just to let you all know that the i heart market is happening this saturday, 5 march & whimsy will be there so pop down for a visit!


i was really impressed by the invention and application of objects’ shapes in this advertising campign by califorinia-based company, RLR Advertising, for the los angeles zoo.

word houses

i am a horder of notebooks.  i currently have about 7 semi-started, paper vessels awaiting words, thoughts, scribbles and stolen quotes.  i think some of these will be among my next purchases…

{click on images for sources}

coffee-concealed creatures

what fun!  japanese designer ange-line tetrault‘s hidden animal cups are a certain way to make you smile over your 1dt cup of tea in the morning, a little bear or owl or fox peeps up at you as you drink!

word of the week

does not compute…

meet the the heartwarming creations from bennet robot works!

seaside saturdays…

i am ready to have a slow-moving-ocean kind of weekend!

welcome home, sock!

this was a student project from the new york school of visual arts.  the brief was “can design touch someone’s heart?” and their answer was this the return of the lost sock package.  i love the “11 things to do with one sock” list…

still life with paperbacks

you can’t help but grin at the humour behind american artist, thomas allen‘s, still life photographs.  he uses simple techniques to manipulate the covers of vintage paperback novels and photographs them in three-dimensional space, giving books that would otherwise be collecting dust, a new life.

what beautiful ventricles you have…

to all the explorer-hearted people out there, have a wonderful day of romantic sighing…

word of the week

{image via flickr}

taken by trees…

this is a recent scribble of mine, trying out a new style whilst brainstorming ideas for a friend’s wedding stationery.

nicework – you get a gold star

nicework is a terrific online magazine showcasing great design, illustration, branding and advertising (local as well as international talents) run by a group of passionate individuals.  they have recently launched their 2nd issue and it is well worth a perusal!

this amazing ad campaign by faber-castell, depicting the company’s ability to capture the exact inspiration of their colours, was featured in the latest issue.  i love the shark!

a quote to nutshell me…

“Since then, I have never listened to anyone who criticised my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room.” – ray bradbury

wes anderson’s bill murrays

love this poster by derek eads titled, wes anderson’s bill murrays.  four of my favourite films: rushmore, the royal tenenbaums, life aquatic and fantastic mr fox!

D is for Death Star

i found this intergalactically awesome star wars kids’ alphabet!  i just about leapt out of my chair with excitement, my not-so-inner geek did backflips!  for the full alphabet click here




letterbox company

my wishlist has been added to once more…this time featuring these items from australian webstore, the letterbox company.  they are perfect additions for my satchel of outdoor adventuring paraphernalia…

word of the week

i am a self-confessed logophile (lover of words), i just cannot get enough of them:  the more obscure, the more tongue-twisting – the better.  i collect them, scribble them down in a dusty notebook, present them in envelopes at dinner parties for a giggle or a head-scratch, roll them around my head for inspiration…a true hero of balderdash!  thus i have decided to make a weekly post called word of the week, in which i share with you one of the many brilliant words i have collected over the years…

return to your post…

i apologise for the short break in posts!  i have been away on a very-belated and much-needed ‘christmas’ holiday.  but i am rested and returned, ready to resume my posts…

who doesn’t appreciate clever design, great music (self-confessed music snob) and imagination?  this small collection of posters for one of my favourites bands, the decemberists, is a celebration of the above-mentioned combination…enjoy!

{apologies for the lack of sources but i have collected these images over a long timeline and have not kept track of their origins!}