the zoo-keeper…

amelia jane smith

all-round nice creature

and creator of whimsy

12 responses to “the zoo-keeper…

  1. Hi Amelia,

    Just a quick comment to say that I love your designs and merchandise….. Keep doing what you are doing – you are supplying me with much needed inspiration right now!

    Fellow nostalgic illustrator and author

    • thank you, Shaz! always a pleasure to know i am making someone smile with the odd titbits and curiosities i find to share at the sometimes zoo. and it really is so wonderful to hear from people who enjoy what i do…it keeps me motivated and busy 🙂

  2. amelia,
    i bought one of your “now what?” sketches (framed) at the book boutique a while ago. it is the most gorgeous thing i own.
    and tomorrow i hope to meet you at the i heart market, buy a penguin brooch and a pair of earrings and order a wall decal.
    your stuff is amazing. thank you.

  3. I really love the designs you come up with and even the way you use color to really bring out the images.

    Truly whimsical, relaxing, and fun!

  4. HI Amelia

    I have just come across your website – by accident I think. I am the Editor/Publisher of a magazine called The Art of Healing which is published in Australia, and am always on the look out for original artwork and illustrations that we can publish with our articles. All articles and imagery are contributed but we do include a credit at the front of the magazine. Can you let me know if this sounds of interest to you? Our website is Currently a hard copy of the magazine is printed every quarter, and it is also available as a digital subscription or EBook.

    Thanks and regards

  5. What a lovely lovely lovely website you’ve got!

  6. Hi,

    I walk past your stall every I heart market and look dreamily at your drawings. For a Christmas present to my fiance, is there a way that I can ask you to draw some pictures for me aka comission you?

    Love your work!

  7. Hi there! Just came across your blog for teh first time, and I love it. Really great stuff on here. Also a fan of your work 🙂 Will say hi at the next market.

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