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a belated wishlist

it was my birthday a month ago and i thought i would put together a list of lust-afters that i have stored up over the year.  oh i wish they were available in SA…shipping is just too expensive!

whale bottle opener

vintage scrabble set

bird clock!

vintage globe

i want this in big-people’s size

a hare door knocker

the golden snitch of rings!

these fantastic kinetic rings are the creations of kansas-based metalsmith, dukno yoon.  his da vinci-esque designs mimic the flight of birds when worn and flexed on a finger…

coyote brigadiers, forest bandits, a dowager governess & helmeted hares!

i was lucky enough to get a copy of wildwood for christmas (secreted across from the US).  i am pages from finishing it: what a wonderfully engrossing adventure, brimming with enchanting characters and rich, glorious language – as one would expect from the lead singer of the decemberists and the book’s author, colin meloy.  well-known illustrator, carson ellis, and wife to meloy, is responsible for the book’s intricate imagery…oh to be the one half of such a creative duo!

{you can follow the wildwood chronicles on facebook too}

wishful thinking

i thought in the spirit of “letters to santa” and the often-regretable christmas gift shopping, i would compile a small list of my material lustings…enjoy!

1. beautiful leather lace-up shoes!   2. robot tea infuser   3. elephant scarf   4. moustache cup   5. white & navy chevron blanket   6. star wars matryoshka dolls   7. my dream bag   8. this oliver jeffers’ painting (it is my desktop background)   9. burberry strap watch

december market amazing-ness

triple treats are in store for all those finding themselves in durban this december!  the i heart market will be happening on 3, 10 & 17 december at moses mabida stadium!  so do pop in for a visit and wonderful handmade christmas cheer!

penguins for the win!

i would apologise for yet another “penguin post” (2nd one in a row) except for two reasons…

1. i will never apologise for penguins – they’re admirably dapper little creatures

2. it’s my birthday and i will post whatever i want today!

one can dream…

it is my birthday in just under a month and, in the spirit of things, i thought i would put together a wishlist of my current material lustings…

{a classic swiss army knife}

{the kite day dress}

{mid 180o’s lapis anchor intaglio signet ring}

{arredamenti saporiti bookcase}

{blackbird fly twin lens reflex camera}

{balloon bench, a sculpture created by japanese designer satoshi itasaka}

{this gorgeous bird jacket}

starling & hero

my wishlist has just welcomed a happy addition! a gorgeous one-of-a-kind “upcycle” from starling & hero bicycle company.  this fantastic little south african company finds old, neglected bicycles in 2nd stores, fleamarkets, garages and gives them shiny new coats, shoes & names!

the one ring

i love this ring! wow!  british artist, luke jerram, made this one-off, portrait-projecting ring for his fiancé.  “…in a darkened room, light from a candle or LED passes through the ring to project a series of portraits.”  i have never been a fan of diamonds, so this is exactly the kind of wedding ring i would love!

hearting the market once again!

just to let you all know that the i heart market is happening this saturday, 5 march & whimsy will be there so pop down for a visit!

letterbox company

my wishlist has been added to once more…this time featuring these items from australian webstore, the letterbox company.  they are perfect additions for my satchel of outdoor adventuring paraphernalia…

triple word score!

yet another must-have for a letter-hungry wordsmith! i could play scrabble for hours and what better way to indugle in clever wordplay than on restoration hardware‘s vintage scrabble board!

we robot

i desperately want one of these super-cool we robot : 51 celebrity robots letterpress prints by chop shop on etsy

hot air balloons, equators, north by north-west, muddy boots & compasses

i have decided that this year is adventure year! i am determined to have as many day daliances, long weekend wanderings, autumnal adventures, balmy bike rides, rollicking roadtrips & public holiday picnics as possible!

{image: my own}

{image: my own}

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fox fanatic

yet another image to show how much i love those li’l vulpes vulpes (red foxes)


it is official…this is where i want to live, this should be my home!

the word made wood

beautifully scripted typographic tree trunks by why not associates created for the crawley library in the UK…what an awesome idea…i think my future house will have its roof upheld by typographic trunks!

seasonal stationery

{festive stationery sets from present & correct}

being an avid wes anderson fan, i was wriggling about in my chair with excitement when i stumbled across The Max Fischer Extracurricular Pencil Set!

when imaginaton scribbles

oh the things i would scribble…i need a giant chalkboard wall…

{via lostindecoration}

{via winniema}

{source unknown}

ice-cap critters…

ta-daaaa!…. whimsy penguin brooches! these little creatures are just in time for christmas & will make their debut at the wonderful i heart market this Saturday!  However, if you’re not beating a path to the coast this festive season but feel an urgent need for whimsical gifts and trinkets, please feel free to order directly from me :

two-wheel crush

i adore bicycles.

i pedaled my pink bmx up and down the beachfront with maniacal glee, scattering pigeons in my wake.  i then graduated onto a black mountain bike that i thumped along dusty roads in the underberg area.  so the sudden influx in bicycle-lovers has set a big grin on my face and i decided to throw together a small pictorial ode to the vintage bicycle…my next two-wheeled companion…

the last bicycle: the black, basket-ed one, is what  have my eye on, a pashley princess sovereign!

{all images from: pinterest}

i most definitely need to get my hands on some of these wooden  brooches by lost at sea, especially the little collection of medals!

picnic time

wish we had this in durbs – the sydney picnic company.  their packaging, presentation and wholesome outdoors-summer-green-grass-sun-through-the-leaves-watching aesthetic is right on cue with my summer plans!

maths + analogue time = awesome

now *this* is how i would like to tell time!

a girl in bear’s clothing…

love this image by photographer aaron reull, i want to be that girl in the grizzly costume!