Monthly Archives: December 2010

merry christma-saurus!

just a small, christmas wish from the whimsy workshop: may your festive frolic be filled with silver-bell delight & under-the-tree surprises!

twas the night before…

a small collection of card & tag christmas cheer…

{shanna murray christmas cards)

{typographic gift tags from eatdrinkchic}

{my own cookie jar tags}

{from make do}

one jar of cinnamon stars please…

i’ll admit i had never baked a batch of “roll-out-and-cut” cookies until i found this ridiculously-easy, wheat-, butter- & oil-free biscuit recipe … but then went a little bit crazy as i proceeded to bake a wheelbarrow-full of them!  but this barrow o’ biscuits has a destiny: see my little jars that i packaged up for friends…

{recipe taken from the wonderful book 500 biscuits}

in a galaxy far far away…

sorry, i couldn’t help myself…i am a self-confessed star wars nut plus the seasonally-appropriate ‘white christmas’ park…i geeked out (unashamedly)


who doesn’t just love foxes?!


this awesome image is from the humanoid corporate identity papercraft world, a project by johannesburg-based illustrator & designer, johannes de lange…known as joh del.

seasonal stationery

{festive stationery sets from present & correct}

being an avid wes anderson fan, i was wriggling about in my chair with excitement when i stumbled across The Max Fischer Extracurricular Pencil Set!

top 10 of twenty-10

there are some awesome lists on the TIME magazine’s top ten of twenty-ten article.  take the time to browse through the more substantial items: like the top 10 species discovered this year – the giant woolly rat, the 5-foot penguin, the pea-size pitcher frog, the bluetooth tarantula!  or the top 10 scientific discoveries…

fox wagon

i recently made a new whimsy wall decal for the room of two enchanting, little boys, Max & Jake.  hope you like your fox wagon, guys!

brag bandages

haha! thought these bandages were brilliant!  i especially like the ‘jousting’ injury explanation.

when imaginaton scribbles

oh the things i would scribble…i need a giant chalkboard wall…

{via lostindecoration}

{via winniema}

{source unknown}

roll on two-thousand-and-eleven…

greetings, whimsical creatures!  may i present to you : the whimsy two-thousand-and-eleven calendar!

these will be on sale at the i heart market from saturday, 11th december, for only R100,00!   if you are not in durban for the festive season and are desperate to get your paws on a calendar or two as whimsical stocking-fillers, then please email me directly with your order :

mini uamou & boo

found these enchanting characters on flickr : mini uamou & boo

ode to an unusual colour (part IV)

i haven’t done an unusual colour name for a while & there’s no better time than ‘right away’….

nautical umbrella

{image from tinywhitedaisies}

oh sisal tree, oh sisal tree…

in true south african style i set my heart on a sisal christmas tree this year and after a 400km drive and 5 hours of ‘sisal-hunting’, we tracked a couple of specimens down on a scrubby, thorn-invested slope.  an athletic burst of a bow-saw & nastily spiked knees earned us a gorgeous tim-burton-esque tree!  i then looped some silver bells & ribbons….and voila!  le bon sapin de noël! (the last phrase said in ‘festive french’!)

write your own…

i have been a busy-fingered, little creature this month and the latest offering from the whimsy desk are these literary bundles : a happy stocking-filler for the budding author or scribbler…

ice-cap critters…

ta-daaaa!…. whimsy penguin brooches! these little creatures are just in time for christmas & will make their debut at the wonderful i heart market this Saturday!  However, if you’re not beating a path to the coast this festive season but feel an urgent need for whimsical gifts and trinkets, please feel free to order directly from me :