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satellite alphabet

i found these wonderful satellite images on teagan tall.  i love the lowercase letters, especially the ‘t’!

explorers of the deep!

look at this super-awesome, adventurous notebook i got today from ikhaya in glenwood.  they have an amazing selection of vintage, hardcover books that have been transformed into plain paper notebooks…

no one came to the polar bear’s party…

i found this heart-wrenching illustration on 9gag the other day and it reminded me of one of my early whimsy illustrations…

the polar bear’s party was just too melancholy for a birthday card or wrapping paper design so i added a couple of plucky penguins to cheer him up…

spaceship graveyard

how amazing is this!  in Siberia, spaceships fall from the sky.  photographer jonas bendiksen took this photo of some space junk collectors surrounded by a rabble of white butterflies….i want to be a “space junk collector”!

don’t let the bed bugs bite…

i owned a rat when i was a little girl.  jenny was seal-brown and used to sleep at the nape of my neck, tucked in my shirt collar or in any one of my pockets…these photos from this site reminded me so much of her snuggling!

into the light…

this image tickled my chldhood nostalgia, into the light by danna ray

where the wild-eyed things are…

i love this interpretation of maurice sendak’s characters…

{via mahira.tumblr}

tree boxes

lizzie thomas is a paper artist based in the uk, who expresses her ideas through the media of paper cutting, woodwork, books arts and print.
her work is an exploration of narrative, myth and metaphor.

weekend delights!

we are making this divine french cheesecake (tourteau de chevre) for our saturday family lunch!  it is not as sweet as ordinary cheesecake so we will be topping each slice with suger-balsamic-marinated strawberries!  i will report back on the tourteau’s potential awesome-ness…

club sandwich-a-saurus!

how amazing is this sandwich-cutter!  i want dinosaur-wiches in my lunchbox every day!

blog love

candice, a lovely fellow durbanite, was kind enough to do a little exposé on whimsy on her blog, durban diva.

balloon boy

awesome mike mitchell illustration

favourite person

love this image from joie de vivre

storm in a teacup

turn the handle & the golden boat rides the mechanical waves, above the stormy clouds periodically reveal a shining bolt of lightning.  this storm in a delft teacup is from culture label

monster love

i would do anything to own this…one of my all time favourite sculpures by south african artist, francois van reenen

whimsical appearance at kamersvol geskenke

this year whimsy will be at the lourensford-based kamersvol geskenke with rhubarb room on 27-31 Oct.  “Kamersvol Geskenke is a five day long inspirational and extraordinary happening of exclusive, hand made products, hand picked stalls selling exotic deli foods and designers creating beautiful spaces. It is a celebration of creative living and, as the name already suggests, offers the public rooms filled with gifts, innovative concepts and creative stimulation.”

500 pencils

as a schoolgirl i waited with wriggling impatience for my end-of-year stationery supplies box to arrive.  i would then unpack it and spread my bounty of coloured pens and lickable pencil crayons out before me, basking in the glow of my treasure!

so you can imagine my giggling delight when i discovered 500 pencils : a coloured pencil subscription service, where, for 20 months, a collection of 25 coloured pencils arrives in the post, packaged in tones and hues and with delicious names.

as the months pass, your collection grows, and so does your need to store them, so the company has a couple of custom built storage and display solutions too…

ice-cream vending machine!

a japanese ice-cream vending machine!  with crazy flavors such as purple sweet potato, almond jelly, green tea, sesame, vanilla, chocolate, japanese apricot, suzuki bean, pudding, cappuccino, bluberry, strawberry and milk, lavender, banana, rose, grape, mango, pineapple, full maturity melon, orange, citrus junos, cookies and milk…

a small story of whimsy..

i gave my very 1st guest lecture today on illustration, my own work, and children’s book illsutration at vega‘s durban campus.  my lecture was titled a small story of whimsy and was a brief look at how i serendipitously became illustrator and the ‘dancing in the dark’ experiences of setting up my little whimsy brand.

it was actually an interesting personal exercise and forced me to look at the evolution in my drawing styles, methods & techniques…here are some of the slides showing the progression in my work over the past 3 years…and whimsy is only just beginning!

(starting out in 2007)

(my 1st solo exhibition 2009)




(new works 2009-2010)

(sketches/colour tests for my 1st book – 2010)

an incurable classicist

there is something in the angle of the ears and a suggestion of statuesque icons that removes these two paintings from the usual ‘sweet bunny’ imagery cartegory.  i am intrigued by the muted palette and sagacious postures of the animals…

{artist: shao fan via design boom}


{via pinterest}

celebration fireflies

this is a whimsical wedding invitation design i have just completed for a wonderful capetonian couple…


(inside details)



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a robot wishes…

i was recently asked to make up a 2 x 1.5m vinyl wall decal of my a robot wishes illustration by a wonderful lady who let me come and photograph it once it was up.  thank you, candice!  it looks great in your lovely apartment.