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kind of awesome…


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night fox

two fox photographs by kai fagerström

location, location, location!

attention all durbanites!  the wonderful i heart market will be at the moses mabida stadium this saturday (and, indeed, all saturdays to come)…so i hope to see you all on the upper lawns, diagonally opposite kings park virgin active for a new market experience!

alphabet fun

the alphabet 2,  a horn book video experiment, is a developmental spelling-video where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself.”  i love everything about this video – look, music, concept, execution – bravissimo, n9ve!

my mini treehouse

this is my new “artist crush”, australian illustrator charles santoso.  his harry potter interpretation and “monster noms” are just brilliant…

30 ways to kill a cowboy

this new app for ipad & iphone would be the sole reason i buy one!

as easy as washing mountain goats…

thought i would share some random images i have stumbled upon recently that made me smile…


started as a way to use all the scraps of torn down sheets of project paper and morphed into something else; something grand.  each piece is between .5″ and 2″ wide and up to 5″ tall.  mostly on Rives BFK heavy stock cream paper.” this is the description of smarts a series of work by artist, eric hancock

it’s just so type-ical!

here’s a small collection of typographically-pleasing things i have found on my interweb travels…

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ode to the cherry blossom…

thank you, spring!  my favourite tree is in full bloom – the cherry tree.  and after an hour’s jog to zoo lake this morning, filled with white and pink blossoms, my chest is glowing and, try as i might, i can’t seem to blot the silly grin from my lips!

{all images via pinterest & google images}

snuggle fox

{image via pinterest}

flower bomb

arresting photographs of deconstructed flowers by qi wei.

{via nicework}

“escape can’t be the only way…to escape”

i was recently introduced to this amazing, canadian singer-songwriter, dan mangan, and instantly fell in love with this song and its award-winning music video…

*three-finger salute*

if you are an avid camper, ex-girl guide (or scout) and amateur outdoors-person like me then you will love the fancy-schmancy survival gear available from new york-based retailers, bestmade company

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happy mondays & knuckling down

happy monday, folks!  i am taking a little (working) holiday for two weeks and getting out of town.  all in the name of finally knuckling down to produce my first book.  but i will keep the odd post rolling in…and perhaps even some working sketches!

{click image to enlarge via atomhawk design}

weekly fox

{image via katia figueroa}

my type of melancholy

there are times when i know that the only cure for my type of melancholy to seek out an avenue of trees & walk between and beneath them…

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i am an obsessive compulsive neat freak…

having fun with OCD…

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ash ghosts

during bushfires if certain species of fallen trees catch fire, they burn down to nothing but white ash, leaving a perfect “shadow” of their former selves on the blackened earth…tree ghosts.

{image by michael poliza}