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i heart market!

whimsy will be at the i heart market next weekend, 5th february!  keep up to date with all whimsy market appearances via facebook

hello bear

i am completely inspired to draw a rumbling tumble of grizzly’s after seeing these ursine illustrations by uk illustrator, jamie mills.

sit. stay.

there are some amazing images by photographer & illustrator, anya mulder, on her blog and i have posted a couple of them before.  this is one of my current favourites.

paper proportions…

if you thought you had seen some inspiring paper sculptures/cut-outs/chopped-up-books…think again!  people too from russia have taken things to a whole new level.  a smaller scale, granted, but small enough to tickle your imagination!

below the down-under

these breath-taking photographs of new zealand were taken by andrew smith. i love the palettes he has used and the painterly quality of the images.  middle earth indeed!

a quirky, new abode for whimsy…

at last!  whimsy is now available in abode and quirky me at the old biscuit mill in cape town!

haas meet whimsy, whimsy meet haas

this past weekend saw me enjoying a whirlwind tour of cape town.  as usual it was a bit of a sprint from start to finish, ticking off a detailed ‘to do’ and ‘must see’ list.  but one of the highlights was meeting the owners of haas, Tess & Francois.  it is simply a fantastic store (soon to boast a wonderful coffee shop too!) in Bo Kaap that has a curiously beautiful range of art, jewellery and quirky interior decor pieces…and they have begun stocking whimsy prints, cards and wrapping paper!

have a ‘super’ weekend…

this lucky artist is spending her weekend in cape town! i am hopping from foot to foot with excitement.  a couple whimsy meetings will be taking place and a brand new store will be stocking my illustrations…check back in on monday for more details…!

in the meantime enjoy these photos of a party with a theme i have always wanted to do…superheroes!

{via tortoise and the hare}

triple word score!

yet another must-have for a letter-hungry wordsmith! i could play scrabble for hours and what better way to indugle in clever wordplay than on restoration hardware‘s vintage scrabble board!

we robot

i desperately want one of these super-cool we robot : 51 celebrity robots letterpress prints by chop shop on etsy

words words words

{via ilovetypography}

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trails of fire…

amazing, long exposure images of fireflies by full-time physicist and part-time photographer, kristian cvecek.

hot air balloons, equators, north by north-west, muddy boots & compasses

i have decided that this year is adventure year! i am determined to have as many day daliances, long weekend wanderings, autumnal adventures, balmy bike rides, rollicking roadtrips & public holiday picnics as possible!

{image: my own}

{image: my own}

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retro revolution

loving the retro-robotic drawings of christine berry, she also does some pretty impressive sketches of vintage cars & cameras…

outdoor pals…

i am not an overly sentimental person and thus am making an exception in the case of this fantastic image of an adventurer and his/her cat….because every weekend-explorer needs someone to share the afternoon with….

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fox fanatic

yet another image to show how much i love those li’l vulpes vulpes (red foxes)

big bang theory!

i am an avid admirer of beautiful, witty packaging and this range done for blasted church wines by laurie millotte has my jaw on the floor…

underwater wonder…

these amazing underwater sculptures, entitled evolucion silenciosa (silent evolution), are the work of british sculptor, jason de caires.  the sculptures have been created especially for intergration with the coral reefs of cancun, mexico, which have been disintergrating due to prolonged and extensive exposure to reef tourism and divers.  the submerged collection, in its quest to rehabilitate and bolster the reef, is already home to marine life and attracting new species everyday.



it is official…this is where i want to live, this should be my home!

have you seen this moth…?

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…because it’s awesome!


ahoy, sailor!

this past weekend saw me organising a surprise 30th birthday party with a nautical theme: the boating party.  picture everyone kitted out in their finest ‘whites’, lazing under parasol umbrellas on the lawn, sipping lemonade and watching handmade wooden boats (made by yours truly) bobbing about on the pool surrounded by cheerful red & white bunting…

to set the nautical mood & let everyone take a little bit of the party home with them, i designed these jolly anchor brooches for each guest to wear upon arrival…

i still have a handful of them left and they will be on sale at the next i heart market if you’d like to set an “ahoy, sailor!” tone to your outfit!

a little publicity never hurt anyone…

illa thompson from publicity matters was kind enough to write a wonderful article about whimsy, which was in The Independent on Saturday this weekend past.  seems there is a very exciting year ahead for this artist and her merry, little band of fanciful critters…

an academy of owls

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well, it has certainly been an exciting couple of days back at the studio (read: shoebox-sized space of small wonders!)  whimsy has made a cameo appearance on elle magazine’s blog and will be featured in this weekend’s independent on saturday…i will post the article once i have my paws on it.

many thanks to jenna from elle and illa from publicity matters for taking an interest in this little illustrator…

the word made wood

beautifully scripted typographic tree trunks by why not associates created for the crawley library in the UK…what an awesome idea…i think my future house will have its roof upheld by typographic trunks!