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old-school olympics

aren’t these photographs from the 1908 london olympics wonderful?  i love the archers and tug-o-war especially!

{images via retronaut}


cannot seem to stop playing this song…and tapping toes, snapping fingers, whistling & jiggling my shoulders to it…

comic sans fights back

haha! i love this cheeky stop-frame animation monologue of the most “frowned-upon” font (by designers).  written by mike lacher & the animation is by joe hollier

welcome back…

finally!  i am out of the recovery ward (read: bed) after 10 days of 10-12 hour shifts at the house & garden show.  so i thought i would celebrate my return to regular blogging with some fantastic images from the art of animation. (i know that i am once again displying my avid love of robots!)

ture ekroos

randis albion

matt dixon

julian totino tedesco

fabricio moraes

goro fujita

paolo domeniconi

Avocado to Zucchini

i have a  rapidly enlarging collection of blog recipes and thought what better way to share them with other foodies & food-styling fans than an A to Z recipe list?  so i hope that, after browsing these few recipes, you feel inspired to raid the market, fire up the oven & arm yourself with culinary weaponry!

is for…avocado toasts via pinterest

is for… breakfast burritos via sprouted kitchen

is for…chocolate fudge cake via what katie ate

is for…dumplings & mushrooms via designsponge

is for…egg & spinach wraps via whole living

is for…feta & zucchini fritters via cook your deam

is for…grilled vegetable pizza via martha stewart

if for…hazelnut pie via what katie ate

is for…italian street food : piadinas via the kitchn

is for…japanese noodle bowl via BBC good food

is for…korean rice salad via wall street journal

is for…lemon meringue pie via sprouted kitchen

is for…mango-avocado salad via fresh 365

is for…naan bread via the pioneer woman

is for…orange pull-apart bread via the whisk kid

is for…panzanella via what katie ate

is for…quinoa salad via gluten-free goddess

is for…raspberry chocolate tart via my easy cooking

is for…summer salad via alexandra’s kitchen

is for…thai chicken & noodles via the parsley thief

is for…umeboshi & avo salad via tokyo terrace

is for…veggie sandwich via 101 cookbooks

is for…wild mushroom soup via scandi foodie

is for…x-factor cookies via raspberri cupcakes

{honestly, with many friends to back me up on this statement – this is the BEST choc-chip cookie recipe ever!}

is for…yoghurt almond cake via designsponge

is for…zucchini with tomatoes & basil via f+h+t

always land on their feet…

i am not normally a lolcatz or “cute kitteh” photo person but i have collected these images of cats at the foot of photographers, which i find just so wonderful…way better than goofy felines with bad spelling 😉

{all images via flickr}

still life with paperbacks

you can’t help but grin at the humour behind american artist, thomas allen‘s, still life photographs.  he uses simple techniques to manipulate the covers of vintage paperback novels and photographs them in three-dimensional space, giving books that would otherwise be collecting dust, a new life.

mini uamou & boo

found these enchanting characters on flickr : mini uamou & boo

encounters of the 3rd kind

love this quirky street art image from wooster collective, especially the quiet wonder captured in the posture of the little boy.

1st ever whimsy animation…

a modest 1st attempt at stop-frame animation made in celebration of the launch of the all-twinkling, magic-spangled whimsy website!

words to live by…

i am thoroughly enjoying the spoofing of the keep calm and carry on posters

whimsy at malva

whimsy’s Johanneburg home, Malva, was featured in this month’s House & Leisure magazine (August 2010).  It is a gorgeously decadent lifestyle emporium sitated in the very trendy Arts on Main.  Why not pop over for a visit and one of Cara de Kock’s fantastic cupcakes from the instore Cupcake Factory?

somewhere to nibble…

if Freedom Cafe were a person, it would be barefoot in a hammock with a black daschund on its lap, swinging on the deck of an industrial-style cruise-liner…such is the laid-back-yet-edgy decor & menu at Freedom Cafe at The Concierge Hotel in Durban (tucked away behind Bean Bag Bohemia in Campbell Road)

staghorn fern wall

(I am completely stealing that idea once I have a garden/courtyard/ourdoor wall!)

the iconic daschund salt & pepper dispenser!