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market love

roll-up! roll-up!  whimsy will once again be at the i heart market this saturday (4 june)!  it is the last market before the excitement of the house & garden show at the end of the month!  i will be unveiling a whole new range of whimsy characters and items…keep checking in for more details and bulid up towards the show!

word of the week

{image via pinterest}

a melancholy thursday…

in 2004, the new york times wrote an article about the loneliest whale in the world.  scientists tracking her since 1992, have finally discovered the problem:  she isn’t like any other baleen whale, she doesn’t belong to any tribe, pack or gang.  she doesn’t have a mate and has never had one.  the problem, the scientists have ascertained, is in her songs.  her voice is unlike any other baleen whale.  it is unique in the fact that her species communicate in songs between 12 – 25hz, and this whale sings at 52hz.  thus no other whales can hear nor reply to this lonely creature’s calls to communicate.  with every song, she becomes sadder and more frustrated, her notes going deeper in despair as the years go by.  i can just imagine this massive mammal wandering the ocean – a solitary giant and its sad song…

fox face

{image by stefano unterthiner}

word of the week

{stone wall artwork by andy goldsworthy}

honey : it’s cooler than jam..

nicework is a jo’burg-based “communiations company of the design variety“.  they are a team of savvy creatives who not only provide their clients with design solutions in branding, illustration, web-design, copyrighting & publishing but also produce a gorgeously slick e-zine.  below is the small gifts package they bestow on their clients…i love the honey: cooler than jam… part of the parcel!

an army of frogs

this is a brilliant info-graphic of odd & interesting facts by french graphic designer florent bodart (a.k.a. Speakerine)

{via nicework}