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market love

roll-up! roll-up!  whimsy will once again be at the i heart market this saturday (4 june)!  it is the last market before the excitement of the house & garden show at the end of the month!  i will be unveiling a whole new range of whimsy characters and items…keep checking in for more details and bulid up towards the show!

word of the week

{image via pinterest}

a melancholy thursday…

in 2004, the new york times wrote an article about the loneliest whale in the world.  scientists tracking her since 1992, have finally discovered the problem:  she isn’t like any other baleen whale, she doesn’t belong to any tribe, pack or gang.  she doesn’t have a mate and has never had one.  the problem, the scientists have ascertained, is in her songs.  her voice is unlike any other baleen whale.  it is unique in the fact that her species communicate in songs between 12 – 25hz, and this whale sings at 52hz.  thus no other whales can hear nor reply to this lonely creature’s calls to communicate.  with every song, she becomes sadder and more frustrated, her notes going deeper in despair as the years go by.  i can just imagine this massive mammal wandering the ocean – a solitary giant and its sad song…

fox face

{image by stefano unterthiner}

word of the week

{stone wall artwork by andy goldsworthy}

honey : it’s cooler than jam..

nicework is a jo’burg-based “communiations company of the design variety“.  they are a team of savvy creatives who not only provide their clients with design solutions in branding, illustration, web-design, copyrighting & publishing but also produce a gorgeously slick e-zine.  below is the small gifts package they bestow on their clients…i love the honey: cooler than jam… part of the parcel!

an army of frogs

this is a brilliant info-graphic of odd & interesting facts by french graphic designer florent bodart (a.k.a. Speakerine)

{via nicework}

everything wants to be a unicorn

my little sister (i have two, younger than me, one is “my sister” and the other “my little sister”) sent me a link to canadian illustrator, marc john‘s blog.  i am just tickled by his “everything wants to be a unicorn” series…

dust jacket design

book city jackets has produced these wonderful “artists editions” to adorn your bookshelves and replace sad, tired-looking dust jackets.  i love the battling robots design below!

word of the week

{image via pinterest}

Avocado to Zucchini

i have a  rapidly enlarging collection of blog recipes and thought what better way to share them with other foodies & food-styling fans than an A to Z recipe list?  so i hope that, after browsing these few recipes, you feel inspired to raid the market, fire up the oven & arm yourself with culinary weaponry!

is for…avocado toasts via pinterest

is for… breakfast burritos via sprouted kitchen

is for…chocolate fudge cake via what katie ate

is for…dumplings & mushrooms via designsponge

is for…egg & spinach wraps via whole living

is for…feta & zucchini fritters via cook your deam

is for…grilled vegetable pizza via martha stewart

if for…hazelnut pie via what katie ate

is for…italian street food : piadinas via the kitchn

is for…japanese noodle bowl via BBC good food

is for…korean rice salad via wall street journal

is for…lemon meringue pie via sprouted kitchen

is for…mango-avocado salad via fresh 365

is for…naan bread via the pioneer woman

is for…orange pull-apart bread via the whisk kid

is for…panzanella via what katie ate

is for…quinoa salad via gluten-free goddess

is for…raspberry chocolate tart via my easy cooking

is for…summer salad via alexandra’s kitchen

is for…thai chicken & noodles via the parsley thief

is for…umeboshi & avo salad via tokyo terrace

is for…veggie sandwich via 101 cookbooks

is for…wild mushroom soup via scandi foodie

is for…x-factor cookies via raspberri cupcakes

{honestly, with many friends to back me up on this statement – this is the BEST choc-chip cookie recipe ever!}

is for…yoghurt almond cake via designsponge

is for…zucchini with tomatoes & basil via f+h+t

fantastic foxes!

{images via pinterest}

leaves of grass…

i am loving these!  and very close to ordering a set.  created by yuruliku and a receiver of a good design award in 2010, the green marker is a set of grass blade-style post-its that can double up as bookmarks to tell you in a horticultural fashion which page you are up to in your latest read…

surreal socialist structures

these structures were commissioned by former yugoslavian president josip broz tito in the 1960s and 1970s to commemorate sites where world war II battles took place, or where concentration camps stood.  they were designed by different sculptors and architects to convey the confidence and strength of the socialist republic. after the republic dissolved in early 1990s, they were completely abandoned.

between 2006 and 2009, documentary photographer jan kempenaers visited and documented the monuments.  these striking images are the result of that journey…

{via nicework}

sketchbook awesomeness!

oh wow!  oliver jeffers, one of my favourite artists and illustrators, has a new website.  he has posted pages of his sketchbooks!  feast your eyes…

sea salt scribblings

seems like “nautical” is a theme of the moment and i couldn’t be happier for it.  being a coastal city girl, i have grown up next to the seemingly endless expanse of water, salt and sky, and cannot be without it.  here are a couple of illustrators’ works with a oceanic motif, recently found through my friend cath at wolfeyebrows

joe waldron

riki blanco

a boy and his tiger

i am the biggest calvin & hobbes fan, i could read those books day-in & day-out. so when i came across tom fowler‘s wonderfully size-specific illustration, i had to share it with you!

the market that loves buttons…

whimsy will once again be making an appearance at this month’s i heart market on saturday, 7 May.   hope to see all manner of whimsy-loving creatures there!


bryant austin is a photographer who produces life size photographs of whales!  just the concept of creating a visual representation true to scale excites me, a lot like my previous leviathan art post.  the second & third images are of his work: sperm whale composite 1 and its dimensions are 6 by 20 feet.  the last image is a life-size photograph of a baby humpback whale.  thus far austin has created 25 full scale images of whales…(read more)

when food looks happy…

how wonderful is this branding?  it was designed for los angeles pie shop, i heart pies by christopher lee, a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator hailing from californiait is just so happily delicious!

{via cath at nicework}

may the fourth be with you…

finally, i have re-emerged from the palm forests of mozambique and am ready to unleash a flurry of posts!  the first of which being to wish you all a happy Star Wars day (for yesterday, i just couldn’t get my post done in time)…so without further ado:  “May the fourth be with you!”

{image via deviantart}