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always land on their feet…

i am not normally a lolcatz or “cute kitteh” photo person but i have collected these images of cats at the foot of photographers, which i find just so wonderful…way better than goofy felines with bad spelling 😉

{all images via flickr}

i made you a mixed tape…

by their own admission paper jet is a “…collaboration between two fine jo’burg graphic designers, who by night push their desktop printer to its limits to create quality hand made illustrated goodies”   they have wonderful “love mixes” cd’s for sale at wolves cafe, like this one…

starling & hero

my wishlist has just welcomed a happy addition! a gorgeous one-of-a-kind “upcycle” from starling & hero bicycle company.  this fantastic little south african company finds old, neglected bicycles in 2nd stores, fleamarkets, garages and gives them shiny new coats, shoes & names!

market love

whimsy will once again be enjoying the crafty vibes at the i heart market this saturday, 2 april.  hope to see some of you there!

meet leroy…

i hope to be showcasing the very first whimsy limited edition sculptures by the end of the year.  so i have been having a look at various options and styles for mould-making ideas.  in my search, i stumbled upon leroy c by the guys at invisible creature.  he is black-laquer dapper with a stately grin!

word of the week

{image via flickr}


made me smile…

i thought these cut-out, paper leaves looked remarkably cheerful…bask in their polychromatic pep!

{via pinterest}

going all alphabetical

i came across these two wonderful alphabets recently!  the 1st is “the dangerous alphabet for boys” by artist and generally creative guy, scott bedford.  have a look at his blog for some DIY inspiration!

the 2nd is the “space lego alphabet” by mark anderson.

word of the week

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soft, small breaths

i apologise for the distinct lack of posts over the past couple of days.  i was indulging in a wonderful long-weekend-escape.  but, i am back in the saddle once more…i just enjoy the palette, detail and sense of soft, small breaths these photo’s have.

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giving voices to ghosts

with her work back, here below, formidable (the rebirth of prehistoric creatures) marguerite humeau, attempts to ressuscitate the sound of extinct animals by reconstructing their voicebox. Made of soft tissue, the vocal tract does not fossilize. The only elements which have been preserved through time are their bones. By comparing them with the larynx CT scans of their closest modern relatives, Humeau hopes to be able to deduce what the vocal organs of the extinct animals looked and sounded like. With the help of a specialist of each animal, the designer plans to remodel the soft tissues of the modern animals on the basis of the bone structure of the extinct one. The structure of the soft tissues will then be printed in 3D.

carefree cartography

taking collage to the next level is artist matthew cusick, who creates his images using only cut and torn map scraps and pieces.  i really enjoy the textual/textural mingling in the images.

one hundred

quite a cool 00-99 set of numbers on flickr…i think i will start putting my own collection together.

nothing wrong with a little OCD stationery

if you are like me, it doesn’t take much more than a beautiful stationery/office supplies store to bring a wistful smile to your face.  so without further ado, may i present kontor kontur: a design office in gothenburg, working with graphic design, product design and interior design.

chasing dragons

i have been stalking dragonflies again…a whole weekend of chasing, leaping, slow-footed sneaking and maddening manual focus on my camera!  but i think i am slowly honing my skills, using a very average lens (a decent 300mm lens is on my birthday list) and getting better at determining my best focus in crazy time constraints : these little guys do not stay still for long!

word of the week

{image via flickr}

the boy who lived…

although the movies have fallen a little short of translating the awesome-ness of the books, the harry potter saga is still one of my best!  and this poster is a brilliant culmination of the adventures!

back to the drawing board…

after a long haul of freelance/commission-based work, i am finally happily scribbling again and creating a whole new series of whimsy critters and stories…may i present the first sketch in a new series i am currently working on: “the questions dragons ask”

vintage robotica

i love drawing robots…so much!  thus i had to post my latest inspiration for my tin-can heroes : these mini retro-robotica prints by sabor design studio on etsy.  there is even a series called the “mechanical menagerie”!


nothing brings a grin to my face like a pouncing fox…except perhaps a swimming sloth, now *that* is a smile-inducing marvel!

{image source unknown}

melancholy mythology

beautifully melancholy sculptures for yoshimasa tsuchiya‘s latest exhibition private myth

{via nicework}

“science” is just magic spelt funny…

National Geographic Channel have created a real-life version of the animated film Up — launching a house thousands of metres into the air using balloons.

A team of scientists, engineers, and two world-class balloon pilots successfully launched a 16′ x 16′ house 18′ tall with 8′ coloured weather balloons from a private airfield east of Los Angeles, and set a new world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted.

{via the cool hunter}

nautical thoughts

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word of the week

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time for another bare-foot escapade!

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