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ode to an unusual colour (part II)

bee-bottom black

avian abodes

miniature birdhouse pendants by tom frencken

world domination

You and Me, The Royal We is a product line conceived of and created by 3 studio mates in Brooklyn, New York: Oliver Jeffers, Mac Premo and Aaron Ruff.

Oliver Jeffers’ “world domination map”

the Royal We’s product line is based on a simple concept: when Oliver, Mac or Aaron thinks of a product that would be cool but doesn’t exist yet, they figure out how to make it.

i also LOVE their pencils…

green hermit

urnatur is a six-cabin wilderness retreat/ecolodge nestled near sweden’s lake vättern and is the perfect hideaway for quiet, reclusive creatures like myself…i would definitely hang my boots up in ‘moss cabin’ or ‘wolf cot’…

wolf cot

moss cabin

top drawer

i am desperate to get my paws on some of these remarkable chests of drawers.  the higgledy-piggledy mix of styles, materials, handles & colours would suit my inner “old-world collector”  just fine…

schubLaden (meaning ‘drawers’ in German)  is a unique shop devoted to the reuse of old unmated drawers.

cat in the hat…

i must have a pair of these special edition chuck taylor’s from Converse

friday findings…

i have a bit of a love affair with inventive packaging and i came across this fantastic set, designed for Moomah, a New York based children’s restaurant, by Apartment One

discovered via:  wolfeyebrows

ode to an unusual colour…

i love colours

…in fact, if i could be the person who invents the outlandish and avant-garde names assigned to paint colours or shades of lipstick, i would be one happy creature!  so i have decided to do the odd post dedicated to unsual colour names i have thought up.

starting with:





amazing moth scans by Joseph Scheer

longing for summer berries…

this recipe and photography from Cannelle et Vanille left me pining for summer and the bounty of berries it brings…

somewhere to nibble…

if Freedom Cafe were a person, it would be barefoot in a hammock with a black daschund on its lap, swinging on the deck of an industrial-style cruise-liner…such is the laid-back-yet-edgy decor & menu at Freedom Cafe at The Concierge Hotel in Durban (tucked away behind Bean Bag Bohemia in Campbell Road)

staghorn fern wall

(I am completely stealing that idea once I have a garden/courtyard/ourdoor wall!)

the iconic daschund salt & pepper dispenser!

clockwork entomology

clockwork creepy-crawlies from the magicians at Mike Libby’s Insect Lab

behold the princess sovereign…

i have been dreaming about owning one of these Pashley beauties since I stumbled upon them a year ago.  i have even started collecting pennies in a modest bicycle fund…

lean on a leaf for comfort…

i recently bought myself two packs of these amazing cable ties by Lufdesign.  i already have one budding from my desk lamp!

I love robot

the above two bots are brian despain paintings

tom gauld‘s tragic robots

my whimsy robot & woebot creations

A fox is a wolf who sends flowers

baby fennec fox

mr & mrs fox

paper fox

happy scoundrels

my pencil sketch

wood fox by kingdom animalia

Greetings from the zoo!

a small oops! that you’ll have to excuse

i have an archive of images i never thought i would use…

thus all early posts will not bear the sources

from which i plundered all these visual resources!