Monthly Archives: April 2012

let him down easy…

every now and then i come across a moment of witty brilliance…this here is one of them.  i salute you, chris l. jensen, well done, sir!

{via stumble upon}

two tales are better than one

this brilliant poster series campaign “come with a story and leave with another” was designed by bogota-based graphic design studio lowe-ssp3.  can you identify the couple of intertwined stories in each image…

uber-aerial photography

i love aerial photography, can’t stop staring wide-eyed out of plane windows as i am whisked across the country.  so imagine my delight at these aerial photographs taken from a space station!!

amazon river, brazil

wintery landscape of canada

london at night

the sahara dessert

the alps

learning your colour tarts

these delicious little pantone tarts are the creation of french food and style blogger emily griottes.  mmmm….edible colour