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scribbles for gifts

i decided to do mostly handmade christmas presents this year.  now this sounded like a great idea, a money-saver, however, the real challenge was finding the time during the busy working festive season for extra once-off drawings.  here were the three illustrations i managed…for the rest i baked delicious cinnamon christmas cookies! (which i will post about later)

a self-conscious polar bear

ferrets for cindy

rabbit & otter

happy weekend, wild things!

i smiled the instant i found this work on pinterest.  have a terrific weekend, each & every one of you!

wednesday tiger

i thought i would post a little scribble i did this afternoon.  it has been a hectically busy fortnight as i prepare for the house & garden show next week.  i will start revealing some of my new creations as the opening of the show draws nigh!

sketchbook awesomeness!

oh wow!  oliver jeffers, one of my favourite artists and illustrators, has a new website.  he has posted pages of his sketchbooks!  feast your eyes…

sea salt scribblings

seems like “nautical” is a theme of the moment and i couldn’t be happier for it.  being a coastal city girl, i have grown up next to the seemingly endless expanse of water, salt and sky, and cannot be without it.  here are a couple of illustrators’ works with a oceanic motif, recently found through my friend cath at wolfeyebrows

joe waldron

riki blanco

the questions dragons ask… (cont.)

please enjoy the latest offering from the whimsy workshop…this is my fifth drawing in the little series i am scribbling up : the questions dragons ask

the questions dragons ask…

ta-daaa! presenting the two latest drawings in a small, warm-up series i am working on titled “the questions dragons ask“.  there will be a few more to follow so keep an eye out at the end of this week!

nothing wrong with a little OCD stationery

if you are like me, it doesn’t take much more than a beautiful stationery/office supplies store to bring a wistful smile to your face.  so without further ado, may i present kontor kontur: a design office in gothenburg, working with graphic design, product design and interior design.

back to the drawing board…

after a long haul of freelance/commission-based work, i am finally happily scribbling again and creating a whole new series of whimsy critters and stories…may i present the first sketch in a new series i am currently working on: “the questions dragons ask”

word houses

i am a horder of notebooks.  i currently have about 7 semi-started, paper vessels awaiting words, thoughts, scribbles and stolen quotes.  i think some of these will be among my next purchases…

{click on images for sources}

taken by trees…

this is a recent scribble of mine, trying out a new style whilst brainstorming ideas for a friend’s wedding stationery.

dance with me, robot!

i am so glad to have discovered the work of illustrator, chris appelhans.  i especially love the 3rd and 4th images, the park bench scene and the bad unicorn!

seasonal stationery

{festive stationery sets from present & correct}

being an avid wes anderson fan, i was wriggling about in my chair with excitement when i stumbled across The Max Fischer Extracurricular Pencil Set!

when imaginaton scribbles

oh the things i would scribble…i need a giant chalkboard wall…

{via lostindecoration}

{via winniema}

{source unknown}

oh sisal tree, oh sisal tree…

in true south african style i set my heart on a sisal christmas tree this year and after a 400km drive and 5 hours of ‘sisal-hunting’, we tracked a couple of specimens down on a scrubby, thorn-invested slope.  an athletic burst of a bow-saw & nastily spiked knees earned us a gorgeous tim-burton-esque tree!  i then looped some silver bells & ribbons….and voila!  le bon sapin de noël! (the last phrase said in ‘festive french’!)

write your own…

i have been a busy-fingered, little creature this month and the latest offering from the whimsy desk are these literary bundles : a happy stocking-filler for the budding author or scribbler…

penguin party

this playful invitation i recently designed for a dear friend of mine, casey ‘penguin’ powell of sibling mine. and so the whimsy portfolio of design expands to include party invites!  also watch out for these polar cap cuties appearing on the whimsy christmas range….

where the magic happens…

every artist needs a wonderful workspace, a few metres of clutter (or uclutter) to call their own.  these are some of my favourites…

{click on images for sources}

500 pencils

as a schoolgirl i waited with wriggling impatience for my end-of-year stationery supplies box to arrive.  i would then unpack it and spread my bounty of coloured pens and lickable pencil crayons out before me, basking in the glow of my treasure!

so you can imagine my giggling delight when i discovered 500 pencils : a coloured pencil subscription service, where, for 20 months, a collection of 25 coloured pencils arrives in the post, packaged in tones and hues and with delicious names.

as the months pass, your collection grows, and so does your need to store them, so the company has a couple of custom built storage and display solutions too…

monster loves robot

my first attempts using colour with my illustrations.  monster loves robot is a children’s book i am currently working on although i am not sure it will be the first one i publish.  we will just have to see…

lapin et souris

i am mere minutes away from buying this darling illustration i found on etsy by trafalgarsquare

A fox is a wolf who sends flowers

baby fennec fox

mr & mrs fox

paper fox

happy scoundrels

my pencil sketch

wood fox by kingdom animalia