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scribbles for gifts

i decided to do mostly handmade christmas presents this year.  now this sounded like a great idea, a money-saver, however, the real challenge was finding the time during the busy working festive season for extra once-off drawings.  here were the three illustrations i managed…for the rest i baked delicious cinnamon christmas cookies! (which i will post about later)

a self-conscious polar bear

ferrets for cindy

rabbit & otter

happy weekend, wild things!

i smiled the instant i found this work on pinterest.  have a terrific weekend, each & every one of you!

wednesday tiger

i thought i would post a little scribble i did this afternoon.  it has been a hectically busy fortnight as i prepare for the house & garden show next week.  i will start revealing some of my new creations as the opening of the show draws nigh!

sketchbook awesomeness!

oh wow!  oliver jeffers, one of my favourite artists and illustrators, has a new website.  he has posted pages of his sketchbooks!  feast your eyes…

sea salt scribblings

seems like “nautical” is a theme of the moment and i couldn’t be happier for it.  being a coastal city girl, i have grown up next to the seemingly endless expanse of water, salt and sky, and cannot be without it.  here are a couple of illustrators’ works with a oceanic motif, recently found through my friend cath at wolfeyebrows

joe waldron

riki blanco

the questions dragons ask… (cont.)

please enjoy the latest offering from the whimsy workshop…this is my fifth drawing in the little series i am scribbling up : the questions dragons ask

the questions dragons ask…

ta-daaa! presenting the two latest drawings in a small, warm-up series i am working on titled “the questions dragons ask“.  there will be a few more to follow so keep an eye out at the end of this week!