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december market amazing-ness

triple treats are in store for all those finding themselves in durban this december!  the i heart market will be happening on 3, 10 & 17 december at moses mabida stadium!  so do pop in for a visit and wonderful handmade christmas cheer!

little sparks of magic

i have a soft spot for fireflies (but then who doesn’t?) and these amazing images, taken in the chugoku region of japan, have simply fueled my desire to track some down and unleash my imagination & camera on them…

made me chuckle…

{via 9gag}


i have been an i heart marketeer for nearly a year now but i know there must be many of you, not living in durban, who have never been to this gorgeous monthly affair.  so i thought i would post some pictures courtesy of the i heart market facebook page & the lovely lauren stetterberg-jenkins’ blog glossary

52 rayguns

i am tickled by this series of 52 rayguns created over a 52 week period by 52 different designers and illustrators…

two hoots

as i have mentioned previously i have an achilles heel when it comes to fine branding & packaging.  show me a cleverly-boxed or branded product and i will covert it, whether i need it or not.  two hoots wine collection, designed by maegan brown, is no exception…

{via nicework}

non-stationary stationery

wonderful stop-frame animation, using stationery!  a good song too…against the grain by hudson, an emerging indie-artist from melbourne

creature calendar 2012

well the whimsy creature calendar is nearly ready and available for pre-order!  there are a limited number of calendars and they are only available through order via

you can have a sneak peek at it on facebook or on the wonderful handsome things blog!

apologies…with a fox

greetings everyone!  and firstly i must apologise for being possibly the worst blogger in the world.  i simply dropped off the radar and have neglected my posting something awful!  i have been moving house and you all know how crazy-silly the end of year gets.  so i thought i would return in true sometimeszoo style with one of my bestest-ever creatures….a fox!