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poster love

sharing a little retro-style poster appreciation…

{apologies for the lack of links/sources}

recycled creatures

french sculptor edouard martinet uses myriad discarded parts from old bicycles, cars, and mopeds to create these astonishingly anatomically correct representations of sea life, birds, amphibians, and insects…i like the schwinn pigeon in particular!


“these aren’t three of the sixty-something moons of saturn, instead, they are beautiful photographs of frying pans in a series called devour by norwegian photographer christoper jonassen.

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ghost bears

i really like this set of illustrations, titled the spirit bears of california, is by uk-based artist mat pringle.  the sense of nighttime, curiosity and magic…

pretentious poker anyone?

i was given a most wonderfully pretentious gift today!  this pack of uber-snobby helveticards.  can’t wait to whip them out and flash their clean, easily-legible, hands-down-awesome design…comic sans turns in its grave!

the usual fox love

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word of the week

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