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poster love

sharing a little retro-style poster appreciation…

{apologies for the lack of links/sources}

recycled creatures

french sculptor edouard martinet uses myriad discarded parts from old bicycles, cars, and mopeds to create these astonishingly anatomically correct representations of sea life, birds, amphibians, and insects…i like the schwinn pigeon in particular!


“these aren’t three of the sixty-something moons of saturn, instead, they are beautiful photographs of frying pans in a series called devour by norwegian photographer christoper jonassen.

{via the fox is black}

ghost bears

i really like this set of illustrations, titled the spirit bears of california, is by uk-based artist mat pringle.  the sense of nighttime, curiosity and magic…

pretentious poker anyone?

i was given a most wonderfully pretentious gift today!  this pack of uber-snobby helveticards.  can’t wait to whip them out and flash their clean, easily-legible, hands-down-awesome design…comic sans turns in its grave!

the usual fox love

{via pinterest}

word of the week

{image via ptit chef}

calvin & hobbes grind

imagine discovering this as you wandered the city streets…it would make my day, no, my week!

a is for artichokes

avocado eggs benedict via foodie bride

banana almond crossaint bread pudding via its to die for

caponata via not without salt

deep dark chocolate cookies via divine baking

edamame, almond pasta with lemon pesto via the kitchn

fennel & edamame pasta via the parsley thief

gallete of roasted vegetables via cook your dreams

homemade granola via my baking addiction

italian strawberry cake via always with butter

julius (orange) via tastespotting

kalamata olive pesto & broccoli sprout sandwich via prairie table

lentil, pea & bacon salad via slouvaki for the soul

mushroom sandwich via stone soup

nut & seed bread via scandiefoodie

orrechiette pasta with spek, baby peas & pecorino cream sauce via what katie ate

pastel tres leche via nook eatery

quinoa caprese via food blog & the dog

roasted cauliflower via a couple cooks

shaved summer squash salad via the farmhouse table

torte dobos via smitten kitchen

udon noodles with miso & walnuts via guardian UK

very easy coconut ice-cream & coconut-crusted bananas via citrus & candy

white bean puree via stone soup

yoghurt & dark chocolate cake via how sweet it is

zucchini bread via bradley kitchen


my mood this morning is perfectly captured in this awesome image by manchester-based photographer rosie hardy

moon cheese

as mentioned before, i am a complete sucker for clever, arresting  packaging.  the brief for this project was to create a piece of packaging based on a myth.  student, tim sumner, took inspiration from the children’s fable of the moon being made green cheese and employed the surface and cycles of the moon to replicate the strength of the cheese.

word of the week

akos major

small freedoms

i thought these two images did justice to the spirit of starting the weekend…have a wonderful one!

post-it note terrors

these miniature monster drawings, by artist john kenn, channel the styles of edward gorey and maurice sendak brilliantly.  each of these images was drawn on post-it notes.  i find some of his creatures a litte too haunting & creepy for my taste but have a look at the entire collection at kenn’s blog.

french fox

i am loving this illustration of un renard (fox) by french artist, ben basso

let the wild rumpus begin!

a small collection of where the wilds things are inspired illustrations…

matthew armstrong

eric canete

britteny lee

seb mesnard

francesco poroli

peter deseve

shaun pendergast

clement lefevre

word of the week


i am a cloud-watcher of many years, with photo files full of nimbus-studded skies.  so stumbling upon this dramatic and informative BBC photo essay, in which the met office’s john hammond decodes cloud photos sent by viewers of BBC one’s the great british weather, was a delightful treat.

forgiving wind

i was excited and extremely honoured when a very talented friend of mine asked me to do the cover design of her latest album.  i met jaspar lepak just over a year ago and we’ve become fast friends.  she is an amazingly gifted musician with a beautiful voice and soft spot for country/folk music.

front cover

back cover

  her website is currently under construction but please do pop by for a listen soon…her album, forgiving wind, is due out in september and she has a couple more shows to play in durban before she & her husband, kale (also a muso, featuring on her album), return home to minnesota.

treehouse for big kids

a treehouse for adults…awesome!

mini cities

adding hand drawn characters and cities to large scale photographs results in a fanciful and sometimes melancholic air, such is the work of artist johan thornqvist.


this is amazing : the world’s largest stop-motion animation, shot on a nokia n8 by sumo science at aardman studios… the film has broken a world record for the ‘largest stop-motion animation set’, with the largest scene stretching over 11,000 square feet.

robot love

per haagensen

goro fujita

matt dixon

goro fujitsa

land of ice

i have always been intrigued by images of iceland.  the stark contrasts of blue, green and white give an almost physical sense of the cold.  these amazing scenes of iceland are by american photographer, bob o’connor.

fox & boat

today’s fox is by canadian artist travis shilling, this painting is titled “fox and boat”