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brown paper packages tied up with string…

another christmas-y post on a few of my favourite packaging ideas…




{katherinemarie photography}

{martha stewart}


{urban comfort}

{blissful inspiration}

one can dream…

it is my birthday in just under a month and, in the spirit of things, i thought i would put together a wishlist of my current material lustings…

{a classic swiss army knife}

{the kite day dress}

{mid 180o’s lapis anchor intaglio signet ring}

{arredamenti saporiti bookcase}

{blackbird fly twin lens reflex camera}

{balloon bench, a sculpture created by japanese designer satoshi itasaka}

{this gorgeous bird jacket}

welcome home, sock!

this was a student project from the new york school of visual arts.  the brief was “can design touch someone’s heart?” and their answer was this the return of the lost sock package.  i love the “11 things to do with one sock” list…

letterbox company

my wishlist has been added to once more…this time featuring these items from australian webstore, the letterbox company.  they are perfect additions for my satchel of outdoor adventuring paraphernalia…

ahoy, sailor!

this past weekend saw me organising a surprise 30th birthday party with a nautical theme: the boating party.  picture everyone kitted out in their finest ‘whites’, lazing under parasol umbrellas on the lawn, sipping lemonade and watching handmade wooden boats (made by yours truly) bobbing about on the pool surrounded by cheerful red & white bunting…

to set the nautical mood & let everyone take a little bit of the party home with them, i designed these jolly anchor brooches for each guest to wear upon arrival…

i still have a handful of them left and they will be on sale at the next i heart market if you’d like to set an “ahoy, sailor!” tone to your outfit!

birdhouse bookshelf

if only i had seen this in time to scribble it onto my christmas wishlist!

labeling whimsy

my new range of whimsy packaging labels, soon to be adorning all manner of whimsical delights…

(for those who can’t decipher the text: candy-stripe lighthouses, little critters, all things that flitter, under-the-bed monsters, chair & blanket forts, small-hearted robots, swashbuckling with spoons, rickety flying machines, old-world exploring & pocket-treasures…)

adventure on the high teas!

(click on image to enlarge)

fantastic news, whimsical creatures!  my special edition Adventure on the High Teas teabag ships made an appearance in this month’s Elle Decor wishlist!

{Elle Decor SA, No. 72, p.23}

wonderful walls of whimsy!

wonderful whimsy wall sticker possibilties!

many thanks to a very nice creature (and terrific friend), Casey, who let me use/rearrange/photograph her apartment.

trinket trove…

i discovered this wonderful site a while back and would like to share its trinkets with you…

the mahna mahna factory is an online store of bits and bobs, catergorized by colour – it is wonderful to just browse through the rainbow of mismatched odd and ends…

top drawer

i am desperate to get my paws on some of these remarkable chests of drawers.  the higgledy-piggledy mix of styles, materials, handles & colours would suit my inner “old-world collector”  just fine…

schubLaden (meaning ‘drawers’ in German)  is a unique shop devoted to the reuse of old unmated drawers.

friday findings…

i have a bit of a love affair with inventive packaging and i came across this fantastic set, designed for Moomah, a New York based children’s restaurant, by Apartment One

discovered via:  wolfeyebrows