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fabulous llama is fabulous!

because everyone’s monday would be improved by…a fabulous llama!

snow in the south…

we don’t get too much snow in south africa, at least not many areas outside of the highest mountains ranges.  but the past two days has seen unprecedented snowfall in places that haven’t seen snow in 30 years!  i am hoping to go snow-hunting tomorrow…

this bewildered chap was photographed at the johannesburg zoo yesterday, showing an expression shared by most everyone as flakes began to fall…

i love critters

i must apolgise for my recent disappearance from the world of the sometimes zoo.  this year is proving to be one of the most challenging yet (and yes, i am well aware it is only february!).

now anyone who visits this little blog regularly (and many thanks to those who do), will know of my love for all critters: feathered, scaley, squishy, furry, microscopic or monstrous.  so i thought what better way to return on a monday morning than with a collection of a few creatures…

elephant shrew

spanish moon moth

fruit bat

black bear


three-horned chameleon

{click on images for their sources}

lego fox

amazing lego fox by artist david cole

paper fox project

anyone who checks in regularly with the sometimes zoo will know how much i adore foxes!  so imagine how enchanted i was when i came across the storybook project of sydney-based artist, jeremy kool.  i have got to get my hands on one of his prints!

the fox hat

love this painting by japanese illustrator, akitaka ito

apologies…with a fox

greetings everyone!  and firstly i must apologise for being possibly the worst blogger in the world.  i simply dropped off the radar and have neglected my posting something awful!  i have been moving house and you all know how crazy-silly the end of year gets.  so i thought i would return in true sometimeszoo style with one of my bestest-ever creatures….a fox!

night fox

two fox photographs by kai fagerström

snuggle fox

{image via pinterest}

weekly fox

{image via katia figueroa}

the usual fox love

{via pinterest}

french fox

i am loving this illustration of un renard (fox) by french artist, ben basso

fox & boat

today’s fox is by canadian artist travis shilling, this painting is titled “fox and boat”

fox fox fox

a gorgeous fox graphic to start the week.  created by the bond agency for a children’s hospital.

otter nonsense!

anyone who checks in regularly with me will know of my love of foxes.  however, recently i have been won over by the rapscallion energy & roguish charm of otters.  and i discovered a wonderful site for pictorial inspiration.

let sleeping foxes lie…

well done, mr jeffers

this little “how-to” illustration by the immensely talented and humorous oliver jeffers, is yet more proof of why he is one of my all time favourite artists…

leaping fox

so, i have been running my whimsy stand at the house & garden show for the past three days, and still another week to go…thus blog posts will be few and far between for the next 7 days but i will do my best to make up for it!

a wonderful leaping critter from fellow fox-lover wolfeyebrows

from the depths…

i have been collecting images of jellyfish for a couple of months now.  i love the balletic appearance and elegance of their shapes and slow-shifting movements.

also an interesting fact: the final image is of a jellyfish known as turritopsis nutricula and is revered as “the immortal jellyfish”!  read more…

{images via pinterest & guido mocafico}

a stare of raccoons…

united by a love of graphic design, words and images , a small group of artists founded woop to bring a unique and exciting angle to the fascinating world of collective nouns.  here are the results from this collective of creatives…

a melancholy thursday…

in 2004, the new york times wrote an article about the loneliest whale in the world.  scientists tracking her since 1992, have finally discovered the problem:  she isn’t like any other baleen whale, she doesn’t belong to any tribe, pack or gang.  she doesn’t have a mate and has never had one.  the problem, the scientists have ascertained, is in her songs.  her voice is unlike any other baleen whale.  it is unique in the fact that her species communicate in songs between 12 – 25hz, and this whale sings at 52hz.  thus no other whales can hear nor reply to this lonely creature’s calls to communicate.  with every song, she becomes sadder and more frustrated, her notes going deeper in despair as the years go by.  i can just imagine this massive mammal wandering the ocean – a solitary giant and its sad song…

fox face

{image by stefano unterthiner}

fantastic foxes!

{images via pinterest}

a boy and his tiger

i am the biggest calvin & hobbes fan, i could read those books day-in & day-out. so when i came across tom fowler‘s wonderfully size-specific illustration, i had to share it with you!


bryant austin is a photographer who produces life size photographs of whales!  just the concept of creating a visual representation true to scale excites me, a lot like my previous leviathan art post.  the second & third images are of his work: sperm whale composite 1 and its dimensions are 6 by 20 feet.  the last image is a life-size photograph of a baby humpback whale.  thus far austin has created 25 full scale images of whales…(read more)