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may i present the mind-blowing entymological photography of igor siwanowicz… say no more!

i love critters

i must apolgise for my recent disappearance from the world of the sometimes zoo.  this year is proving to be one of the most challenging yet (and yes, i am well aware it is only february!).

now anyone who visits this little blog regularly (and many thanks to those who do), will know of my love for all critters: feathered, scaley, squishy, furry, microscopic or monstrous.  so i thought what better way to return on a monday morning than with a collection of a few creatures…

elephant shrew

spanish moon moth

fruit bat

black bear


three-horned chameleon

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little sparks of magic

i have a soft spot for fireflies (but then who doesn’t?) and these amazing images, taken in the chugoku region of japan, have simply fueled my desire to track some down and unleash my imagination & camera on them…

beautiful little mutants

“these radiant works of scientific illustrator cornelia hesse-honegger examine nature’s oft-neglected fragility as well as its unstoppable strength. Since the catastrophe of chernobyl, hesse-honegger has collected morphologically disturbed insects, transforming their mutations into painted pieces of bold, graphic beauty.”

Information on her new book featuring silk designs with fabric can be found at

kaleidoscopic creepy-crawlies

i thought would share this entymological find with you.  these amazing insect photographs are from this archive.  in my opinion, marveling at their multifacted, metallic armour is a good way to start any day!

chasing dragons

i have been stalking dragonflies again…a whole weekend of chasing, leaping, slow-footed sneaking and maddening manual focus on my camera!  but i think i am slowly honing my skills, using a very average lens (a decent 300mm lens is on my birthday list) and getting better at determining my best focus in crazy time constraints : these little guys do not stay still for long!

trails of fire…

amazing, long exposure images of fireflies by full-time physicist and part-time photographer, kristian cvecek.