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two tales are better than one

this brilliant poster series campaign “come with a story and leave with another” was designed by bogota-based graphic design studio lowe-ssp3.  can you identify the couple of intertwined stories in each image…

sleeping on the job…

i am slowly getting myself clued-up on ‘digital’ illustration and painting.  it is proving to be not only a challenging medium but extremely interesting to work with.  these amusing illustrations of superheroes by max kostenko, show the development of digtal painting… (follow the link to see each image’s progression)

paper fox project

anyone who checks in regularly with the sometimes zoo will know how much i adore foxes!  so imagine how enchanted i was when i came across the storybook project of sydney-based artist, jeremy kool.  i have got to get my hands on one of his prints!

it’s just so type-ical!

here’s a small collection of typographically-pleasing things i have found on my interweb travels…

{click on the image for its source}