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lego fox

amazing lego fox by artist david cole

paper fox project

anyone who checks in regularly with the sometimes zoo will know how much i adore foxes!  so imagine how enchanted i was when i came across the storybook project of sydney-based artist, jeremy kool.  i have got to get my hands on one of his prints!

the fox hat

love this painting by japanese illustrator, akitaka ito

apologies…with a fox

greetings everyone!  and firstly i must apologise for being possibly the worst blogger in the world.  i simply dropped off the radar and have neglected my posting something awful!  i have been moving house and you all know how crazy-silly the end of year gets.  so i thought i would return in true sometimeszoo style with one of my bestest-ever creatures….a fox!

night fox

two fox photographs by kai fagerström

snuggle fox

{image via pinterest}

weekly fox

{image via katia figueroa}