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mini uamou & boo

found these enchanting characters on flickr : mini uamou & boo

encounters of the 3rd kind

love this quirky street art image from wooster collective, especially the quiet wonder captured in the posture of the little boy.

1st ever whimsy animation…

a modest 1st attempt at stop-frame animation made in celebration of the launch of the all-twinkling, magic-spangled whimsy website!

words to live by…

i am thoroughly enjoying the spoofing of the keep calm and carry on posters

whimsy at malva

whimsy’s Johanneburg home, Malva, was featured in this month’s House & Leisure magazine (August 2010).  It is a gorgeously decadent lifestyle emporium sitated in the very trendy Arts on Main.  Why not pop over for a visit and one of Cara de Kock’s fantastic cupcakes from the instore Cupcake Factory?

somewhere to nibble…

if Freedom Cafe were a person, it would be barefoot in a hammock with a black daschund on its lap, swinging on the deck of an industrial-style cruise-liner…such is the laid-back-yet-edgy decor & menu at Freedom Cafe at The Concierge Hotel in Durban (tucked away behind Bean Bag Bohemia in Campbell Road)

staghorn fern wall

(I am completely stealing that idea once I have a garden/courtyard/ourdoor wall!)

the iconic daschund salt & pepper dispenser!