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thar she blows!

having waded through the rich tapestry of literature that is herman melville’s moby dick, and being generally enamoured by whales of all shapes and sizes, i was awed by the latest artwork of american artist, tristin lowe.  mocha dick is a colossal 52 foot long recreation of a real-life albino sperm whale that terrorized early 19th-century whaling vessels near mocha island in the south pacific.  the sculpture is a large-scale vinyl inflatable understructure sheathed in white industrial felt.  i love the barnacle details!

soft, small breaths

i apologise for the distinct lack of posts over the past couple of days.  i was indulging in a wonderful long-weekend-escape.  but, i am back in the saddle once more…i just enjoy the palette, detail and sense of soft, small breaths these photo’s have.

{via pinterest}

giving voices to ghosts

with her work back, here below, formidable (the rebirth of prehistoric creatures) marguerite humeau, attempts to ressuscitate the sound of extinct animals by reconstructing their voicebox. Made of soft tissue, the vocal tract does not fossilize. The only elements which have been preserved through time are their bones. By comparing them with the larynx CT scans of their closest modern relatives, Humeau hopes to be able to deduce what the vocal organs of the extinct animals looked and sounded like. With the help of a specialist of each animal, the designer plans to remodel the soft tissues of the modern animals on the basis of the bone structure of the extinct one. The structure of the soft tissues will then be printed in 3D.


nothing brings a grin to my face like a pouncing fox…except perhaps a swimming sloth, now *that* is a smile-inducing marvel!

{image source unknown}

melancholy mythology

beautifully melancholy sculptures for yoshimasa tsuchiya‘s latest exhibition private myth

{via nicework}

coveting critters

i found these creatures across at the wonderful blog, wolfeyebrows, and had to share them!  julian callos is a los angeles-based illustrator & artist. he created these fantastic ceramic animals as christmas gifts for his friends.  each one is a representation of that person’s spirit animal.  i love his sense of proportion and posture – i would love one…perhaps the black bear.


i was really impressed by the invention and application of objects’ shapes in this advertising campign by califorinia-based company, RLR Advertising, for the los angeles zoo.

coffee-concealed creatures

what fun!  japanese designer ange-line tetrault‘s hidden animal cups are a certain way to make you smile over your 1dt cup of tea in the morning, a little bear or owl or fox peeps up at you as you drink!

hello bear

i am completely inspired to draw a rumbling tumble of grizzly’s after seeing these ursine illustrations by uk illustrator, jamie mills.

sit. stay.

there are some amazing images by photographer & illustrator, anya mulder, on her blog and i have posted a couple of them before.  this is one of my current favourites.

fox fanatic

yet another image to show how much i love those li’l vulpes vulpes (red foxes)

an academy of owls

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{via mockingbird}

twenty-eleven….year of the giant rabbit & panda

greetings from this side of 2011, everyone!

i thought i would kick off the year with 2 terrific images from chinese photographer, di liu.  his series is titled: animal regulation and i love the nonplussed slouch of these two creatures, looming over the dwarfed urban sprawls – like a couple of bored giants.



who doesn’t just love foxes?!

ice-cap critters…

ta-daaaa!…. whimsy penguin brooches! these little creatures are just in time for christmas & will make their debut at the wonderful i heart market this Saturday!  However, if you’re not beating a path to the coast this festive season but feel an urgent need for whimsical gifts and trinkets, please feel free to order directly from me :

too true…

{sebastian millon poster}

a friday fox for cath…

another fox drawing (and one can never have too many of those!) found on inprnt.  if you are a fox fan, as i am, then definitely have a look at the collection of “friday foxes” on wolfeyebrows: a stylish, rather dapper, blog curated by the girl this post is dedicated to…

little fox

i love foxes, i would have a pet fox if i could!

paper fox by elizabeth jardine

always better with a polar bear…

this quirky approach to fashion photography is the work of South African born photographer koto bolofo.  see more of his work here

a girl in bear’s clothing…

love this image by photographer aaron reull, i want to be that girl in the grizzly costume!

no one came to the polar bear’s party…

i found this heart-wrenching illustration on 9gag the other day and it reminded me of one of my early whimsy illustrations…

the polar bear’s party was just too melancholy for a birthday card or wrapping paper design so i added a couple of plucky penguins to cheer him up…

don’t let the bed bugs bite…

i owned a rat when i was a little girl.  jenny was seal-brown and used to sleep at the nape of my neck, tucked in my shirt collar or in any one of my pockets…these photos from this site reminded me so much of her snuggling!

a small story of whimsy..

i gave my very 1st guest lecture today on illustration, my own work, and children’s book illsutration at vega‘s durban campus.  my lecture was titled a small story of whimsy and was a brief look at how i serendipitously became illustrator and the ‘dancing in the dark’ experiences of setting up my little whimsy brand.

it was actually an interesting personal exercise and forced me to look at the evolution in my drawing styles, methods & techniques…here are some of the slides showing the progression in my work over the past 3 years…and whimsy is only just beginning!

(starting out in 2007)

(my 1st solo exhibition 2009)




(new works 2009-2010)

(sketches/colour tests for my 1st book – 2010)

an incurable classicist

there is something in the angle of the ears and a suggestion of statuesque icons that removes these two paintings from the usual ‘sweet bunny’ imagery cartegory.  i am intrigued by the muted palette and sagacious postures of the animals…

{artist: shao fan via design boom}

pleased to meet you, bear.

this image … love it