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word of the week

cathedral of seeds

the award winning seed cathedral was created by heatherwick studio for the shanghai expo in 2010.

for the seed cathedral they showed off thousands and thousands of seeds collected by the royal botanical gardens in these stunning transparent acrylic rods that glowed and moved with the elements. since the expo, the sculpture has been dismantled but it is remarkable to look back at the shots and video clips. It is truly inspiring work.

{via black eiffel}

monday blues…

happy monday everyone! i thought i would make light of the beginning-of-the-week blues with one of my current “frequently-played”, bad day by darwin deez

do love to be beside the seaside…

i don’t often do packaging posts (even though i am a complete sucker for good design & colour) but i found this amazing range via good friend, wolfeyebrows, and had to share it…supa frank was approached by the royal national lifeboat institution to redesign their confectionery range:

“The brief was to engage with visitors across the country and to remind them of ‘beautiful days by the sea’. We visualised the British seaside using various scenarios and nostalgic elements that are simplistic, positive and coherent across the range.”

otter nonsense!

anyone who checks in regularly with me will know of my love of foxes.  however, recently i have been won over by the rapscallion energy & roguish charm of otters.  and i discovered a wonderful site for pictorial inspiration.

word of the week

{image via pinterest}

sorry i could find a better image for “navel-gazing” but that will have to do.

let sleeping foxes lie…