a coupla “yippee’s!” for whimsy tees

i can hear the approaching hoofbeats of the house & garden show, which opens this friday (24 June).  i am working my fingers to the bone and my little heart is pounding with excitement and anxiety as i rush to get everything ready for the opening.  whimsy will be launching a t-shirt range to test the “market waters” and should it prove a sea-worthy…well, let’s just say i am looking forward to the potential design fun.

“now what?” (boys & girls tee, ages 2 – 10)

“robots”  (boys tee, ages 2 – 10)

“she never wanted to come back down…” (girls tee, ages 2 – 10)

paper-jet pilot (ladies tee: sizes XS – L)

One response to “a coupla “yippee’s!” for whimsy tees

  1. These are great………….hope they are the start of an exciting new Whimsy range.

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