the art of playing

i was recently introduced to colossal, a wonderful art blog that i spent a good few minutes perusing.  there are such intriguing & awe-inspiring contemporary artworks on this site…here are my 4 immediate favourites that i wish i could have been able to appreciate personally :

this installation entitled I wish you hadn’t asked, a small house that rains nearly 200 litres of water every minute on the inside, was created by creative collective, the glue society.  the public were encourage to enter with a raincoat or without.  artist james dive of the glue society says the work is “about that moment in a relationship when something is said, or done, that can’t be taken back. And the rot sets in.”

armada, jacob hashimoto‘s latest artwork, is a  large-scale kinetic sculpture of suspended sailboats affixed to three gently rolling lever mechanisms that cause the ships to roll gently along invisible waves.   i would love to see this in action…

competitive swinging is an installation by artist paolo salvagionethe enormous rope swings are installed 5-on-5 in an old gymnasium and the only true goal seems to be who can have the most fun, a competition I think many people in this world often forget to engage in.

and because i am a sucker for hype-realism…the latest painting  byjeremy geddes, a perfect vacuum. wow..

One response to “the art of playing

  1. love all of these works, so diverse and so exciting.

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