“traveller, tarry not, hasten far, for this is where the dragons are”

the latest drawing in a small, warm-up series i am working on titled “the questions dragons ask“.

9 responses to ““traveller, tarry not, hasten far, for this is where the dragons are”

  1. oh amelia! these dragon drawings are exquisite.

  2. He is my favourite so far!

  3. Oh so cool,I love them especially these dragons

  4. more, please…….

  5. thank you all, for your wonderful comments! keeps me motivated and hard at work…er scribbling.

  6. What a great title for a book ‘The questions dragons ask”…Why not give a few anecdotal stories to go with the dragons 🙂 Just subscribed to your blog…such cool images…you really have talent!

    • thank you, Nic. it walways makes my day to hear from someone who likes what i am doing. i am actually working on a book at the moment called: monster loves robot. but i will definitely keep the dragons to one side for future tales…

  7. Brilliant subject matter noticed on a wall at the Book Boutique in Amanzimtoti, will have to make the trek into town from the Wop Wops of the South Coast to see more.

  8. Don,t you understand the term”Wop Wops” meaning the bush in Australia.

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