the word made wood

beautifully scripted typographic tree trunks by why not associates created for the crawley library in the UK…what an awesome idea…i think my future house will have its roof upheld by typographic trunks!

2 responses to “the word made wood

  1. Love, love, love your blog! Especially as more than once you’ve spotted things I’ve seen/ been to, makes me feel special.

    My best friend was working in a pub just outside Crawley last year as such I spent some time around that area, even visited the library a few times… wish they had those trees in there then!

    Happy 2011. Em

    • thank you so much, emily! your comment just made my week, what a wonderful start to a year of blog comments. I am so glad that my little collection of paraphenalia and curiosities excites you…that’s why I post them 😀

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