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tea in the orchard

whimsical teapot birdhouses by stilsucht

two-wheel crush

i adore bicycles.

i pedaled my pink bmx up and down the beachfront with maniacal glee, scattering pigeons in my wake.  i then graduated onto a black mountain bike that i thumped along dusty roads in the underberg area.  so the sudden influx in bicycle-lovers has set a big grin on my face and i decided to throw together a small pictorial ode to the vintage bicycle…my next two-wheeled companion…

the last bicycle: the black, basket-ed one, is what  have my eye on, a pashley princess sovereign!

{all images from: pinterest}

bella bicycle brigade

okay, this might be seen as a shameless plug but wow, is it worth it!

my wonderful friends, casey & richard, are the dynamic force behind street scene and have just launched an exciting bicycle project in durban: girls bike out!  i was lucky enough to be invited on the maiden voyage (er…picnic!).  the idea behind it is to offer a bicycle-picnic-afternoon for hen’s parties, birthday parties or just a good excuse to get some friends together & enjoy the balmy summer afternoons!

keen cruisers meeting up at the elangeni hotel on the beach front


casey (of sibling mine)

ready to go on the gorgeously-retro urban-cruiser bikes…

our picnic spot of choice…

…the manicured lawns of moses mabhida stadium

the stunning packed picnic lunch provided by ciao bella & casey

the perfect end to our picnic: bubble-blowing

…the street scene “spoke” of bicycles (or is it a fleet, pelaton, land-squadron?)

seriously – what a wonderful idea! contact street scene & book your picnic parade.  you can see more images of this super-fun afternoon on sarah dawson’s blog.

a friday fox for cath…

another fox drawing (and one can never have too many of those!) found on inprnt.  if you are a fox fan, as i am, then definitely have a look at the collection of “friday foxes” on wolfeyebrows: a stylish, rather dapper, blog curated by the girl this post is dedicated to…

i most definitely need to get my hands on some of these wooden  brooches by lost at sea, especially the little collection of medals!

little fox

i love foxes, i would have a pet fox if i could!

paper fox by elizabeth jardine

return of the paper-jet pilot!

this is one of the first drawings i did for whimsy but never continued it into print editions.  so i decided to redraw the paper jet pilot and send him up into the collection…