no one came to the polar bear’s party…

i found this heart-wrenching illustration on 9gag the other day and it reminded me of one of my early whimsy illustrations…

the polar bear’s party was just too melancholy for a birthday card or wrapping paper design so i added a couple of plucky penguins to cheer him up…

4 responses to “no one came to the polar bear’s party…

  1. still one of my favourite images, even though it is a tad melancholy

  2. Aaaah – poor bear(s)
    Lovely illustration – happy the penguins could make it! x

  3. can you please add a bunch of silently sneaking animals to the other picture. so that it looks like they were planing a suprise-party? it would really help me. i find this picture just too sad.
    No Bear should be lonely…..
    and maybe sending it to me?????

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