a small story of whimsy..

i gave my very 1st guest lecture today on illustration, my own work, and children’s book illsutration at vega‘s durban campus.  my lecture was titled a small story of whimsy and was a brief look at how i serendipitously became illustrator and the ‘dancing in the dark’ experiences of setting up my little whimsy brand.

it was actually an interesting personal exercise and forced me to look at the evolution in my drawing styles, methods & techniques…here are some of the slides showing the progression in my work over the past 3 years…and whimsy is only just beginning!

(starting out in 2007)

(my 1st solo exhibition 2009)




(new works 2009-2010)

(sketches/colour tests for my 1st book – 2010)

2 responses to “a small story of whimsy..

  1. i really love your illustrations keeping us all grounded to not forget how little ones think.It’s magic well done!!!

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