a salute to some grand daddy’s

i recently came across an image of methuselah – an ancient 4,800 year old tree, a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine to be exact!  (and for all you budding botanists out there: pinus longaeva)  the idea of living organisms being that old simply overloads my imagination!

however, after wiki-ing & googling for a bit i discovered rachel sussman, a photographer working, in collaboration with biologists, on a project called the oldest living things in the world.  here are some of her images

jomon sugi, japanese cedar (7000 years old)

sangole baobab, south africa (2000 years old)

spruce gran picea, sweden (9550 years old)

2 responses to “a salute to some grand daddy’s

  1. I have an obsessive passion for trees, especially ancient specimens, these are the most incredible images of living things that just quietly, un-noticed and unmoved exist alongside the frantic tumult of human endevour.

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