wonderful walls of whimsy!

wonderful whimsy wall sticker possibilties!

many thanks to a very nice creature (and terrific friend), Casey, who let me use/rearrange/photograph her apartment.

8 responses to “wonderful walls of whimsy!

  1. I just find ur work cos u’re working with (I think) malva and I’m doing her website…and I only wanted to say to u that ur work is incredible!
    I love it.

    this is my blog and my web if u wanna see something of me:

  2. Amazing! These are so clever and so beautiful!

  3. ah. never has a wall of mine been so joyously decorated.

    up with whimsy!

    afraid ill fall ill of the re-blogging blogger on this …

  4. R u from SA? if u do an exposition please, let me no….. *)

    nice to meet u.

    • yes, I am based in Durban. I did a small exhibition last year called “the sometimes zoo” (inspiration for the blog name) and am hoping to exhibit in Joburg or Cape Town next year. Will also be at Design Indaba 2011 in February next year.

  5. If I’m til in Sa, I’ll be there.

    many thanks.

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